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Umrah Pilgrimage 2018

Umrah is an islamic pilgrimage to Mecca that can be performed any time of the year. This is also an opportunity for Muslims to re-invigorate their faith in Islam by performing Umrah in holiest place of the world.

How to perform Umrah

After assuming Ihram, Umrah pilgrims perform 'tawaf'. Tawaf is performed by circling around Kaaba seven times in anti-clockwise direction. After tawaf, pilgrims walk at pace between the hills Safa and Marwah. This is a re-enactment of Hajar's frantic search for water, which resulted in zamzam water spring. Then pilgrims perform Taqsir in which pilgrims shorten thier hair or shave theier head. Once these rituals are complete, the pilgrims can go out of Ihram. Umrah is also know as the lesser of the 2 pilgrimage. Unlike Hajj which requires to be performed during hajj season and requies several days to perform, Umrah can be performed in few hours.

Umrah Services

From flight booking and experience leadership on every step of the way, we guide you in performing hajj pilgrimage with comfort and safety through Fahima International.

  • VIP/ Deluxe/Economy Package
  • Monthly departure available from Mangalore
  • Every month 2 batches
  • Leadership & guidance by Chief Ameer S.M. Ilyas Saquafi
  • Visit & stay in Makkah & Madeena
  • Accommodation close to Haram
  • Home town type meal
  • And many more...

Pilgrims performing Hajj & umrah in pictures



Mina Tent City




Sa'ey between Safa & Marwa




Zamzam water well


Mecca at night


Rami Al-Jamarat

Rami Al-Jamarat

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